Turbo Interceptor



Our goal is to get our program is to produce The Turbo Interceptor in three major levels:

Body Kit

    This kit includes:

front Hatch with front vent closed

Rear Engine Cover

Cabin Center Section

Cabin Lower sides left and right

Passenger Door inner and outer

Drivers Door inner and outer

Lower Rear roll pan

Rear wing center section

Door hinges and Latches

Lexan Rear window


business Goals


team Members

Here is a list of people past and present that has brought the Turbo Interceptor to life:


Bob Ackerman                     Original Designer

Stephen Maki                       Lead Mechanic

Joe Pappas                         Project Manager SVI 

Mike Marvin                        Movie Director

Gene Winfield                     Movie Car Builder

 Lyle Suhr                           Movie Car Restorer

James Klok                        Current Program Manager

Wes Roof                           Communications

Chris Klok                          Multi Media

why We Do This

Everyone one that has taken part of this program has wanted one of these cars since they saw this poster at the dealership like me or saw the car in the movie and started that dream .

We have always wanted one of these Cars

 Most of the history of these two cars can be found at the following links:

Dodge M4S Twin Turbo http://www.allpar.com/cars/concepts/dodge/M4S-Ackerman.html

Wraith Turbo Interceptor http://www.allpar.com/cars/concepts/wraith-M4S.html

Bob Ackerman/M4S Posters http://www.allpar.com/news/index.php/2011/07/special-offer-dodge-wraith-posters

Quick Facts

Turbo Interceptor

 Lexan Side Windows no Mail slots

Lexan Windshield

Tail light Panel

Front and Rear hatch hinges and latches

Front and Rear Prop Rod

Body Kit w/Chassis

     Parts list coming soon!

Turn Key (Street)

    Parts list coming soon!

M4S: The only M4S Twin Turbo is in the Walter P Chrysler Museum it was used as a pace car in 1985-86 and has reached a speed of 194.8 MPH.

Wraith Turbo Interceptor: There were 6 Turbo Interceptors built by legendary movie car builder Gene Winfield of Mojave Ca. 2 were drivers with VW engines and dune buggy chassis the other 4 were just shells on chassis that were destroyed during filming. .

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