Turbo Interceptor

Owners list

The list below is the current assigned Badge Number and build status.

Original Movie Car Lyle suhr Kansas Forsale

Body Kits (only 25 available)

Badge Number           Owner             State Located              Version                 Build Status

BK-001                                                                                                                Available

BK-002                                                                                                                Available

BK-003                                                                                                               Available

BK-004                                                                                                               Available

BK-005                                                                                                               Available

BK-006                                                                                                               Available

BK-007                                                                                                               Available

BK-008                                                                                                               Available

BK-009                                                                                                               Available

BK-010                                                                                                               Available


Roller Kits (only 25 available)

Badge Number          Owner           State Located                  Version              Build Status


RC-002 Available

RC-003 Available

RC-004 Available

RC-005 Available

RC-006 Available

RC-007 Available

RC-008 Available

RC-009 Available

RC-010 Available

  Turn Key

Badge Number       Owner            State Located                 Version                  Build Status

TK-001                   James Klok           FL                          Twin Turbo               Pending

TK-002                    Wes Roof            MO                         Twin Turbo               Pending

TK-003 Available

TK-004 Available

TK-005 Available

TK-006 Available

TK-007 Available

TK-008 Available

TK-009 Available

TK-010 Available

TK-011 Available

TK-012 Available